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Narrow Carriage 24-Pin Flat-bed Dot Matrix Printer


      • Narrow Carriage
      • Speed: up to 413cps (10cpi)
      • Prints up to 6-part forms
      • Optional network connectivity
    • Printing Technology:

      Print Method:Impact dot matrixControl Panel:13 switches and 3 LEDs with 1.44” CLR LCD ScreenPrint Direction:Bi-direction with logic seekingColour:BlackNumber of Pins in Head:24 pins x 2 (total 48 pins)Control Code:ESC/P2 and IBM PPDS emulation

      Print Speed:

      High Speed Draft:10 cpi: 550 cpsDraft:10 cpi: 550 cps
      Condensed, 17 cpi: 501 cpsLetter Quality:10 cpi: 195 cps
      Condensed, 17 cpi: 333 cps


      Printhead Life:200 million strokes / wireMean Print Volume Between Failure (MVBF):25 million lines (except print head)Mean Time Between Failure (MTBF):10,000 Power On Hours (POH)


    Epson DLQ-3500IIN Dot Matrix Printer

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