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EM Series

This is only the Directive Antena part

  • EM63 Directive Antenna extends wireless transmission range up-to roughly 65 feet

2.4G Wireless Conference System

A complete Wireless Conference System ideal for both fixed conference room installations and portable setups.

Advanced 2.4G frequency hopping and digital transmission technology delivers crystal clear sound quality free from interference while ensuring a high level of security and confidentiality.

  • 2.4G wireless with advanced frequency hopping and digital transmission technology
  • 24-bit PCM high precision audio processing
  • Integrated frequency shift, feedback suppression, intelligent balancing, and additional DSP capabilities
  • Support for up-to 255 microphones including up-to 3x EMC02 Chairman Units
  • Chairman Unit can override Delegate microphones and approve/reject delegate requests to speak
  • When the Chairman microphone is engaged, all Delegate microphones are silenced until the Chairman microphone turns off ensuring that the Chairman is not interrupted

EIKI EM36 Directive Antenna

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