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Extraordinary Features

  • Flexible video source connection

  • Quad channel outputs:

  • System cascade display with looping ports

  • 37 Pre-defined display modes by Dip SW on front panel

  • Create irregular video wall by user through remote controller or simple PC Tool

  • Anyplace cropping

  • Flexible aspect ratio control through OSD menu

  • Flexible entire image position shift

  • Auto looping playback

  • Programmable EDID with preset 23 EDID + programmable EDID setting

  • PIP function: from two selected signal sources with flexible image size and position adjustment across entire video wall.

  • POP function, Two POP landscape contents can be displayed at top/bottom position on portrait display LCD.

  • Custom settings: Up to 5 different user settings can be stored and recalled at any time.


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