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User can increase or reduce output modules due to ImageBox AD Series adopt modular design. And single machine can 25 maximum HDMI joint signal output with compatibility DVI protocol. It can realize unlimited joint through cascade connection; According to user demand, single machine can be customized various kinds of multi-screen patterns such as 2*2, 3*3, 1*2, 2*3, 3*2, 2*4, 4*2, 2*5, 5*2 etc.



  1. Input signal

    It can support 4 input signal in total consist of 1 composite video, 1 VGA, 1 HDMI, 1 USB; and HDMI and USB interface with audio and video decoding funtion, composite video and VGA signal add relevant audio interface. What's more, all input video signal can switch to with audio output in synchronization  Following is the interface diagram:

  2. Mirroring function

    Compare with common multi-screen processor, ImageBox AD Series can realize 180°mirror overturn function toward each single display unit. It will be sharply decreasing the gap of LCD joints, which make image more vivid if LCD wall overturn 180°toward above row when user joint ordinary LCD wall.

  3. Edge blanking function

    Without edge blank function, all joint display unit have frame gap, which make image pull rip up in vision and feeling unnatural; Image more natural and lively without transformation and draw after edge blank process.

4. USB transmit function

Product can support USB transmit and joint function. After finishing LCD joint basic function, user can set merely video or image joint pattern play. It's simple and useful, no need extra allocation a computer or other broadcast equipment, only we need to do is insert a U disk at USB interface in our product multi-sceen process.

  • USB can support common video, image, MP3, TXT document;

  • Can play select video or unselect

  • All video can support play in order or cycle, pause, speed, program list

  • Realize shortcut switch VIDEO, USB, HDMI, VGA;

  • Shortcut switch between joint and unjoint

  • Adjust the wide and high of edge blanking

  • Output volume control

  • Adjust brightness, contrast ratio, color saturation

  • Setting the Speed of USB, next song, program choose

  • The other function of multi-screen processor\


5. Remote control function

Remote control is exclusive customization for AD Series, multi-screen processor's each function is completely in conformity with remote keying and market can't buy it. Remote controller adopt super-sensitive design, so it's distance attainability 7 to 10 meters, and it can fulfill all functions of multi-screen processor, such as settings, switch, adjust.


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